Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

by - June 09, 2017

So you all will have met Zara, our new family member in a previous post which you can read here and by the time you read this, she will have settled in and we will have had some much needed bonding time giving me some inspiration for this post. Having a pet is definitely hard work, most dog owners will tell you it's worse than having a baby and trust me... they're right. However, it is incredibly rewarding and you'll wonder what you did with your life before them. If you're wanting to become a dog owner, but are unsure of what to do, I'm here to persuade you that even though it is is challenging, the pro's 100% outweigh the cons. Here are my reasons as to why having a dog is the best thing:


They Ease Your Mental Health.

Whether it be smothering kisses, a cuddle, wanting to play with you or taking a relaxing walk together, dogs will dissolve your mental health before it can even try to take over your mind and ruin a wonderful day. Your dog will always let you know how much they love you and being smothered in unexpected kisses or them coming to lay beside you on the sofa really can de-stress you, all that stress turns in to relief. If you're dealing with a worse mental health day than usual, a walk does wonders (but can't cure it, as all these people seem to be so convinced), being in the fresh air, surrounding yourself with people, meet a few other dog owners along the way for your dog to also make some friends, it really does the trick and you'll see your mood brighten up before you know it. Every morning when I wake up, I go straight to say hello to Zara and in an instant I'm being showered with kisses and I know it's going to be a good day. It's the little things that count.


They Don't Care About Your Appearance

You can look your absolute worst; hair scraped back, no makeup on looking like a zombie, a oversized jumper and joggers on... No matter how you look they will always love you and worship the ground you walk on. It's all about unconditional love with dogs, give them that and they'll be more loyal to you than anybody could possibly be.


Their Positive Attitude Is Infectious

No matter how dull a day is, your dog will be the happiest dog you could ever possibly see. Everything in sight can get a dog excited, even the simplest of things like a stick or going for a walk will make them spin round and round in circles. Hearing your voice will make them jump for joy every single time. No matter what you do with a dog, their positivity will shine through more and more, making your day just that little bit brighter.


You're Never Alone

Nobody where you are in the house, you'll always have a furry friend by your side begging for some attention. They aren't people but, talking to them can ease away the loneliness because even though they don't have a clue what we're saying, they'll always sit and listen. To them, we're giving them attention and that's enough for them to give us some company. Linking back to the mental health, whenever you're having a bad day and feel like no one is there for you, your dog will be, they'll sense how you're feeling and know you need some good tlc.


They're Always Happy To See You 

Whether you've been away from your dog for 5 hours or 5 minutes, they'll always be so ecstatic to see you. No matter how long they've been away from you, they will bounce straight towards you with all the kisses you could possibly need. Every time I wake up or get home from work, the first one I see is Zara and the tail starts wagging immediately as she runs straight for me, it really does make a difference and you know it's going to be a good day. You'd never get such a great response from a human and that makes dogs all the more precious!

Have I convinced you?
Are you already a dog owner? If you are, what's your favourite thing about having a dog? Let me know in the comments :) 

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  1. I 100% agree with this post! I love dogs and I cannot wait to get a new puppy xx

  2. You have such a cute dog! I can defo see why you think dogs are the best! That must be so nice having a dog that's always happy to see you!


    1. Aww thank you! It definitely is, nobody will ever be as happy to see you as a dog, it really brightens your day up! xx

  3. Amazing. We lost my best buddy on xmas day age 7. He changed my life and brought me so much happiness. Miss him.
    Lovely post x

    1. It's so sad when you lose your best friend! I had a rottweiler called Scooby and he was just this big teddy that we all adored, even friends and family who didn't like dogs absolutely loved him. When he passed away I was absolutely crushed, I'd grew up with him, so to go from living with him everyday to never seeing him again, it's such a hard process to go through.

      Thank you lovely x

  4. Unconditional love - one you know it, you can't go back.
    Jenny - filmsfictionandfashion.wordpress

    1. Oh most definitely! It's the best love you can ever feel x