Summer In The City 2017

by - August 10, 2017

On the 5th & 6th of August, myself and my best friend Lydia, spent our weekend celebrating all things YouTube and attended Summer in the City 2017!

Day 1

Day 1 of SITC was just a whirlwind of excitement and giddiness. First of all, we had to queue up for our meet and greet wrist bands. After we had recieved our wristbands, we waited in the longest queue, which went all the way down the Excel Centre, to wait for the doors to open... Please be aware this post will involve A LOT A LOT of queuing! As soon as the doors had opened, me and Lydia headed straight towards the meet and greet hall, as our first meeting was at 11:30. The first meet and greet was with Jack Maynard, Josh Pieters and Mikey Pearce. Three wonderful youtubers who were honestly the best people to meet! Each of them were so lovely asking me how I was and actually talking to me instead of rushing for a picture and moving on. Regarding the pictures you're about to see... I now have a ship name with Jack Maynard (Jelby), as my cousins are forever my number 1 supporters and was snapchatting me with "I SHIP". Lmao.

Get someone to look at you the way Jack looks at me.
Mikey hugs! The sweetest person!
Josh hugs! And Jack being impatient...
Jack literally looked so excited to see me...

And last but not least... Jack hugsss!
This is so meme worthy.
After that meet and greet, we headed straight to our next meet and greet which was with Rose and Rosie, a LGBTQ married couple who are just the loveliest people I've ever met! When I went to hug Rosie, she said "I recognise you, have we met before?" and I was just awkwardly stood there like noooo... But omg if I was an actual ongoing dedicated fan and that had happened, that would have been pretty cool, right!? In the queue for Rose and Rosie, me and Lydia met this lovely girl called Grace. She is a huge supporter of Rose and Rosie, so it was super cute to see her fangirling! Me and Grace have similar tastes in TV shows too and had plenty to talk about whilst waiting around, it's always important to me that I interact with other people and make new friends during these experiences, as they're definitely the most memorable!

Rose and Rosie! Beautiful couple!
Oh, how I love making new friends! 

Once our meet and greets were done, Lydia, Grace and myself headed off to the food court for some fries and then went back in to SITC to have a walk around and experience everything else that was going off all around us. We actually saw Mark Ferris (Zoe Sugg's best friend) walking around, however, there was a massive crowd of people around him and he had a meet and greet to get too, therefore, we didn't make it for a picture. We queued up for the Instagram booth, where we had a picture took on a swing in front of lots of colourful balloons and the Instagram logo, then we had a boomerang done, which if I do say so myself, is a little awkward and I won't be posting it any time soon!

We then headed for the main stage, which had a great line up of events going off on it, one including a sneak peak of the 'Everybody's Talking About Jamie' musical, which by the way, looks INCREDIBLE and I really want to go see it! After Jamie completely stole the stage, we spent an hour listening to the LGBTQ panel, which was so incredibly fascinating and I was literally preaching every damn word spoke the whole way through. The LGBTQ panel consisted of Melanie Murphy (L), Rose (L) and Rosie (B), Kingsley (G), Miles McKenna (T) and Charlie Martin (T). They pointed out some really important stuff on how YouTube is still treating the LGBTQ community more unfair; Rose and Rosie explained that if you are to have the word lesbian in the title of a video, you're video will automatically be demonetised. They also spoke about how people should speak out more in regards to sexual education between the same sex. After a good huge rant on the panel, each gave their own advice for any aspiring youtubers, then me and Lydia headed off to our hotel to rest for day 2 of Summer in the City.

Day 2

Day 2 was a little shorter than day 1, as we had a lot of travelling home to do. First off though... More meet and greets! So our first meet and greet was with Anastasia and Eve at 12:00pm, and since the doors opened at 11, we had about half an hour to kill until it was ready to join a hopefully not ginormous queue. We met up with Grace for that half an hour, her and Lydia went on the bumper cars, whilst I stood back and filmed... I hate the bumper cars... Can't drive them for shit! 

The queue for Anastasia and Eve went by fairly fast and they are just the cutest! We had a quick chat about outfits, Eve said she loved my shoes and I complimented each of their outfits because they were just so nice! After that we took a quick picture and Lydia and myself headed off to the food court, once again for some fries. (Literally, these were the best fries) 

Seriously, look at these little beauts!

At 13:00pm, we had our final meet and greet with the lovely Pete Bucknall. This queue took a little longer than the others, as Pete is a very chatty person and really interacted with his fans. His friend and a SITC volunteer actually had to go down the queue and explain that the meet and greet had been going on for half an hour and the queue still hadn't moved. They advised us all to try to pick the pace up a little if we all wanted a chance to meet him, as when you get Pete talking, it's hard to get him to stop. When it was finally my time to meet Pete, oh my gosh, he is the loveliest person! He asked me how I was enjoying Summer in the City, I asked him how he was enjoying it and he was so passionate and said "I LOVE it" (emphasise on the LOVE), then we posed for a picture and I told him to have a good day, he said "thank you lovely" and I went on my way to get ice-cream! 

Deep in conversation over SITC. 

He gives the BEST hugs ever!

I loveeee this picture.

So, I went to buy a 99p ice-cream for TWO POUNDS FIFTY!!! And honestly, it weren't even worth that, it wasn't whippy enough for my liking. BUT BUT BUT... If I didn't get that ice-cream, I would never have met the surprise Youtuber walking around SITC. QUICK STORYTIME: As we're walking around SITC, loads of people have the Sidemen merch on. My brother constantly watches the Sidemen and I may have a little soft spot for Simon (one of the Sidemen). So I was like "why are people wearing Sidemen merch? They aren't even here?" WELL... SO I THOUGHT. Me and Lydia was sat chilling whilst I was eating and then I saw a queue form at the side of the hall so I tilted my head forward to get a better glimpse of who people were getting a picture with and IT WAS ONLY BLOODY SIMON FROM THE SIDEMEN!!?? I literally shot up like a rocket and got in queue to get a picture with him, okay, this was the most fangirling I did all weekend and it was just like the cherry on top of day 2. Literally, if I hadn't have got that expensive ass ice-cream, me and Lydia would've headed out to start our travels and I wouldn't have met Simon so thank the lord for the two pounds fifty ice-cream!!

Cherry on top of a magical weekend.
There you have it. An extremely long post on my time at Summer in the City 2017. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of the actual events, it was all so overwhelming and I was having too much fun to even think about watching it all from behind a camera and not with my own eyes. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend and I will thank Lydia forever, for thinking of me when she was wanting to buy tickets. We will definitely be going again next year for sure, and next time round I will be vlogging as I'm currently setting up a YouTube channel yaaay! I'll be amongst all the aspiring youtubers next year and that is so freaking exciting!! I'M READY TO BUY MY TICKETS. 

Honestly, I can't even explain how wonderful Summer in the City is. It's truly an experience you don't want to miss out on and I'm already counting down the days until we're back. 

Summer in the City... Until next time. 

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