L'Oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara Review

by - October 02, 2017

If you asked me what's one beauty product I can't live without, my answer would always be mascara. My favourite thing about me is my eyes, therefore, I tend to make sure they look the greatest whilst doing my makeup and finding the right mascara to really make your eyes pop can be a challenge.

I am a girl who tends to draw herself to the high branded makeup products and never really appreciate the cheap alternatives. That was until I was introduced to the Miss Baby Roll mascara. For one, the packaging for this mascara is an absolute dream to look at! The baby pink and blue theme is so 1950's and being a 50's girl at heart, I was most definitely about to roll with it. Another feature which I am absolutely loving is the brush; it's incredibly unique with such a delicate spiral, giving this brush such retro vibes. I had used the Too Faced: Better Than Sex mascara for a year before this one came along and comparing the prices would make you think that the Too Faced mascara has a better outcome than the L'Oreal one, however, that is not the case and I can most definitely say that the Miss Baby Roll mascara gives better results. It makes my eyelashes look so long and vintage, making me fall in love with my own eyes even more. 

I would definitely 100% recommend this mascara to anybody who is currently searching for a new one. Your eyelashes will become full and long and gorgeous. The perfect mascara to bat your eyelashes with. The pricing is absolutely spot on, especially with the outstanding results you get and I don't think I'll be changing mascara's for a long time, if ever. L'oreal have really impressed me and I think I'm going to invest in a lot more of their products because of the quality of this product.

Shelby xxx

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