Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

by - December 30, 2017

Now I know this foundation has been out for quite some time now, however I have only just invested in it and I think no matter how long a product has been out for, we should always continue to hype it up!

The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is described as anti-fatigue and radiant glow, which had me hooked immediately. What more do you want than a foundation to make you look awake and fresh throughout the day or on a night out? It also says that by using this foundation, you will receive a flawless, natural finish which again... Sold! We definitely don't want to look patchy; flawless finishes are what us girls live for!

When applying the foundation, it is incredibly creamy and thick, allowing me to not have to use so much of the foundation, as it gives you full coverage with just a couple pumps. I feel out of all the foundations I have previously used, this is the one that really works with my skin and looks lovely with the rest of my makeup look. Sometimes with foundations, as I have previously experienced, they can be quite heavy and make sure you know that it's sat on your skin. Whereas the wake me up foundation is a light product and you can go about your day without feeling like your skin is tight and uncomfortable, you can forget that you even have it on.

What I also love about it, is the fact that it has vitamin c and SPF 20 in it, allowing you to also be able to moisturise your skin. I always purchase the shade - 103 - True Ivory with the SPF 20 as it is a little darker than the Ivory with SPF 15. I am one to have my foundation slightly darker than my actual skin tone, as I am rather pale and it is the most perfect shade for me, compared to all the other ivory foundations I have purchased from different brands. It gives that flawless coverage and doesn't completely mask my face, therefore my freckles are still able to make an appearance.

When wearing it throughout the day, it stays on wonderfully and I have no worries about having to re-apply constantly throughout the day. The only place I would say my foundation tends to rub off is my chin, as I work as a receptionist so when I'm working away hard on my computer, I end up resting my chin in my hand.

Overall, I'm so head over heels in love with this foundation and will not be switching anytime soon. (Thank you to my best friend for recommending it to me) The price as well is also spot on at just £8.99, sometimes giving more coverage than a higher brand would do so it's definitely worth sticking to the cheaper options when they are better.

Have you tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments.

There is currently 3 for 2 sale going on with this foundation so make sure to go crazy!

Shelby x

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