Bilou Shower Foam Review

by - January 02, 2018

From previous posts, you'll probably know that I am a sucker for pretty packaging, so there was absolutely no hesitations when I first laid eyes on the Bilou Shower Foam; it just had to be mine! I mean, who doesn't want to smell like cotton candy!? 

Bilou was created by a German Youtuber called Bibi (BibisBeautyPalace) and holds 4.5 million subscribers and boy oh boy has she created a beautiful range of products here!

The Bilou brand was released in the UK Superdrug stores and have taken up quite a storm. I have so far only tried the 'Cotton Candy' and 'Pink Melon' shower foams, but I can not wait to get my hands on more of the products because they do not fail you for one second! The range currently consists of three products; Creamy Shower Foams, Gentle Cream Foams and 2-in-1 Body Sprays. For the UK, there are currently five scents to choose from; Coco Cocktail, Fizzy Berry, Cotton Candy, Pink Melon and Tasty Donut. I would definitely love to try the Fizzy Berry and Coco Cocktail body spray and the Tasty Donut shower foam!

The rest of the Bilou range consists of; Slushy Apple, Chocolate Cupcake, Lovely Peach, Creamy Mandarin, Vanilla Cake Pop and Splashy Melon. Out of all of them I would absolutely love to try Chocolate Cupcake and Creamy Mandarin! So come on Bibi, get these to the UK ASAP!!   

The whole range is 100% vegan, which makes the brand more wonderful than it already is, as everybody can use it! Each product was made with love ♡ and each aluminium can is also 100% recyclable. 

If you are wanting a shower product to satisfy your sweet tooth, Cotton Candy and Pink Melon are the ones for you! Pink Melon is a delicious fragrance perfect for the summer mixed with juicy melons and sweet raspberries. Cotton Candy is a heavenly smell which makes you feel like you're walking on pink fluffy clouds at a fairground. 

To get the best use out of the shower foams, it is necessary to vigorously shake the can, before dispensing the foam in to your hands. The foam is extremely light and comforting when you're rubbing it in to your skin and you don't need a lot of product either so it will last quite some time. It doesn't feel drying on the skin and has been tested for skin compatibility, so it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. The scent of the products is strong enough to be able to smell the product when rubbing in to the skin and the scent even lingers for hours afterwards. The cans that hold the scrumptious foams are absolutely to die for and aesthetically pleasing, as you can tell by the photos! *heart eye emojis* I can't wait to next get my hands on the Fizzy Berry bodyspray and I will most definitely keep restocking this absolutely gorgeous range! Oh, here's another bonus... every product is just £3.99, making it extremely affordable and the high quality of the products make it even more worth spending money on. 

Have you treated yourself to any of this range? Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments! 

Shelby x

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