How To Treat Yourself This Valentines Day If You're Single

by - February 14, 2018

With love surrounding the air on the 14th of February, it can be a hard time for single people who don't have a special one to share the day with. I, for one, don't believe in Valentines Day - it's pretty commercial and you shouldn't have to depend on one day of the year to think "okay, I need to treat my other half today". Maybe, my beliefs are this way because in the 20 years I've been alive, I've NEVER celebrated a Valentine's Day, but I'm sticking to my beliefs whether I have a partner or not. 

Being single is not the worst thing in the world - it's a time to explore yourself and be independent. Nobody should be left out on Valentine's Day, so I've compiled a list of things you can do solo for today, whether that be at home or taking yourself out on a date. I hope I can help a little!

Create a cosy area to relax

There's no cosier area to relax in then you're bedroom, and that is where I will spending my Valentines. Wrapped up in my Beauty and the Beast blanket with the SaffronXPrimark fairy lights glowing throughout the evening and the TV on - in the words of Chandler Bing... Could I BE any cosier? 

Have a box of chocolates by your side

When I say have a box of chocolates by your side - this is not an invitation to put on the saddest romance movie you can find and eat your weight in chocolate all night because you believe you're lonely and no one will love you, to the point you feel extremely guilty. We are not going to feel sorry for ourselves this year ladies, we are going to boss this day and treat ourselves to a box of chocolates because we damn well deserve them, and we're going to damn well enjoy them whilst watching a movie that will make us smile until our cheeks hurt and laugh until our stomachs ache. 

Pick out a rom-com to get lost in

I am officially putting a ban on all sad movies - no sad movies allowed! The last thing we need is to be crying on a day that we are trying to own and not feel sorry for ourselves. You want to watch a light-hearted and comedic movie that's going to lift your spirits and not knock them down. You don't want something too lovey to the point that you begin to get emotional because you don't have that type of love. 

Here are five light-hearted rom-com's that I think are perfect for a solo Valentine's Day:

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging 
(because who doesn't want to swoon over the ultimate sex god, Robbie?) 

Wild Child
(keeping in theme with the iconic era of 2008 AND having the yummy Freddie Kingsley to swoon over)

The First Time
(because would it really be me if I didn't mention Dylan O'Brien at least once?)

13 Going On 30
(Mark Ruffalo... Enough said.)

When We First Met
(a new release on Netflix and the most hilarious rom-com I've watched in a while)

I will be spending my evening binge-watching season 2 of 'Greenhouse Academy', as it is out TODAY, eeekk! Happy Valentine's Day to me!

Spend the day with your bestie and have a Galentine's Day

Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to have a Galentine's Day with my besties, as they're either spending the day with their partner or have made other plans *sigh*. So, tomorrow evening will be spent either on my own or with my family - let's see how sociable they're all feeling. However, if you and your bestie happen to be single at the same time with no plans, get yourselves out for a couple of drinks (even though it's a Wednesday night and if it's anything like Doncaster, it will be D E A D), go see a movie or just go out for a meal in the fanciest restaurant you's come across. Spoil yourselves - you all deserve it! 

Buy that item of clothing or make-up product you've been desperately wanting and putting off

Being as my pay-day lands on the day after Valentine's Day, I will be spending tonight making a wish-list for tomorrow so I can splurge on products I've wanted for so long. It's always good to treat yourself now and again, you don't need a partner to do that and I have no doubts that you've all worked your butts off to deserve a little treat today!

Re-read your favourite book or delve in to a passionate, steamy romance

I always love having a reason to re-read my favourite book 'Looking For Alaska', and this evening will be the perfect time to transport myself in to a world that I adore. Or, if you fancy something new and want to stick to the theme of Valentine's Day, why not purchase a steamy romance novel? I'm currently reading one called 'Make Me Want' (pre-order now) and whilst it is not on the level of 50 shades... I want me a Gideon Novak!

Take some 'me' time and pamper yourself

It is sooo important to have some time to yourself, whether that be shaving your legs until they're silky smooth, doing your nails, having a glass of wine, cooking your favourite meal, taking a bubble bath, getting on your sexiest outfit and glamming up, taking yourself to your favourite restaurant, going to the cinema and/or having a little beauty sleep. You do you girl - fly solo and slay it!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow single ladies and men! I hope you have a day filled with happiness and love. 

Shelby xxx

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