NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Daily and Night Cleansing Pads Review

by - February 07, 2018

I remember discovering NIP + FAB Glycolic Pads after being sampled a small pack from Missguided, when I had made my first Barbie X Missguided purchase. I tried them out a couple mornings to see how they would take to my skin and oh my goodness, I immediately knew I had to go out and buy myself a full pack!

I've never really been one to have troubles with my skin; sometimes I may find two to three spots now and again on my chin or forehead, but luckily I've never had too much of struggle. However, this doesn't mean I should stop looking after my skin, as I do wear make-up everyday and you're going to tell me off for this, but I am the biggest pain for falling asleep with my make-up on, no matter how many opportunities I had to take it off. Call me lazy.

These pads contain three essential acids; yes the words 'acid' can be quite scary and intimidating, but not to worry. These pads contain three of the BEST acids that are effective and essential in a skincare regime.

  • Glycolic acid - This is derived from sugar cane and is the most well-known and widely used acids in the skincare industry. It is also an exfoliater, therefore removes old dead skin revealing brighter and younger skin. It is the most effective acid for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness and uneven texture.
  • Salicylic acid - This is a must have for anybody prone to acne. It breaks down all clogged up pores and dead skin cells and also penetrates the skin to give it a deep clean.
  • Lactic acid - This is similar to Salicylic acid and helps weaken the dead skin cells that can lead to congested skin.
You only need to use one in a morning and one at night for them to do their job. In a morning, I will ~usually~ have removed my make-up the night before, so it's just a matter of quickly going over my face with the 'Dragon's Blood Fix Daily Cleansing Pads' to remove any left over make-up that I may have accidentally missed and also to have my face feeling clean and refreshed. On a night-time, I will remove as much make-up as I can with a make-up wipe, then with the 'Glycolic Fix Night Pads', I will remove all left over make-up and then finish off with the rest of my skin care routine - which will be revealed in full on another blog post!

These only cost under £15.00 each and contain 60 pads each, which is absolutely incredible for what you're paying - alongside having them do their job as well! They are so easy to use and really do get in to the necessary areas of your face. I find that I need them mostly for around my nose, as foundation is a pain for getting clogged up there, and also around my hair line. 

They have quite a strong citrus smell to them, which to be honest smells wonderful and is definitely bareable. My skin has never been better since using these pads, and I couldn't recommend them more to anybody who may be dealing with bad skin; or even if you have good skin and just want to keep up with it. 

Have you ever tried the NIP + FAB Cleansing Pads? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Shelby xxx

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