Book Review: The Good Sister By Jess Ryder

by - April 26, 2018

Two sisters. One secret... A lie that could destroy them both.

When her father dies, Josie is devastated to uncover he led a secret life: another house, another family and a half-sister called Valentina.

Both with red hair and icy blue eyes, Josie and Valentina could be mistaken for twins. But the similarities end there…

Josie – Sweet, reserved, jealous, thief. 
Valentina – Care-free, confident, dangerous, liar. 

Two sisters. One survivor. 


When Josie's father, Jerome Maculiffe, tragically and unexpectedly dies in a motorcycle accident, Josie unlocks a whole new world of her father's, including a half-sister. Josie lived her life believing that her father worked only as a teacher/lecturer in Manchester, however, what she doesn't know is all of the trips away on the weekends were made for his second life, family, wife and daughter - Valentina

Josie and Valentina could easily be mistaken for twins, born in the same year and month. Although their similarities end there - they couldn't be more different from each other if they tried. 

Josie, an only child, was raised by Helen and Jerome. She looked up to her father more than anybody in the world - never happy until he walked through the door everyday. She was his golden child. So she thought... She had a secure job and a secure relationship, a life her half-sister could only have dreamed of having.

Valentina, also an only child, was raised by Sophie and Jerome. She also looked up to her father and despised her mother more than her mother despised her. Being part of a second life means Valentina never got the special treatment and wealth she finds out Josie received, leaving her to lose herself in a crowd full of  drugs, alcohol and lots of bad people. 

When Josie and Valentina eventually meet, they can't help but compare each other's lives. Josie is accepting of Valentina and encourages her to make a better life for herself. Valentina only wants one life, and that's her sisters. 

Although the chapters throughout this book can become quite confusing on which sister you're reading about, that can be looked at as a good thing, as you're constantly compelled to keep reading on to find out which sister is gradually getting more and more crazy as the book goes on. What I loved the most about the plot twists was that you begin to believe that they're going to be so predictable and then all of a sudden, Jess is like BAM... not so predictable anymore!! Whilst their father's secrets were a big part of the story, the sisters completely stole the show with their double personalities and secrets of their own. It is definitely a "how far would you go for your family?" situation, as Josie soon enough neglected all of her loved ones to learn about Valentina - which of course, lead to nothing but trouble. I would definitely recommend this book, if you're in to revolutionary plot twists and gasp moments - Jess does not disappoint!

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Shelby xxx

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