Book Review: Reuniting Reality By Nikki LeClair

by - April 16, 2018

Starring opposite her best friend in hit reality TV show Daughter of Famous Mothers, Julie Duncan was riding high, clouded with adoring fans and cozily married to an ambitious plastic surgeon. One day, everything changed. Betrayed by not only her husband, but someone she completely trusted, Julie disappeared from that life and left it all behind.

Four years later, Julie’s life is far from brag-able. Living with her sister and scraping by doing D-list gigs, Julie is given an opportunity to fix her pathetic life. The only catch? Spending a week on camera with the people who destroyed her life.

So what’s a girl to do when her back is against the wall?

✓ Create a new, improved version of herself—a version that has moved on and let go the trials of the past.

✓ Invent a hopping new social life and a hot Olympian boyfriend.

✓ Beg forgiveness from her former best friend.

Simple enough until her fake new boyfriend suddenly shows up, her former best friend gives the cold shoulder, her ex-husband is as shady as ever, and butterflies she thought had died long ago begin to flutter alive.

Will Julie be able to keep up her ruse? Or will the cameras catch something she won’t ever be able to escape?

I would first like to say a huge thank you to Nikki for sending me a copy of this wonderful book - the greatest birthday present a girl could get! 

Julie Duncan lived her life through a reality TV show, 'Daughter of Famous Mothers'. Her life was great, she had the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend - until one day reality hits her hard in the face, as her world and relationships fall apart. She discovers that her husband has been having an affair with someone else on the show and someone very close to her had a hand in helping it happen.

Now Julie is a single woman working any job her brother can find her, not really making any huge progress in her career. Until, she is given the opportunity to make her comeback on 'Daughter of Famous Mothers' for a reunion with her fellow co-stars. After multiple strops, Julie finally agrees to take part in the reunion, however, she has demands that the producers need to deliver before she can fully commit to it. Her ex husband and his new wife are to come no where near the reunion. All is agreed and signed, so nothing should go wrong... Right?

Secrets will be revealed, more lies erupt, a fake boyfriend shows face, friendships and relationships will be rekindled, familiar faces will make an appearance and there is a lot of betrayal to come Julie's way.

Having a guilty pleasure for reality TV shows myself, I really enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes look at how scripted and messed up these type of shows can be. I'm a sucker for drama (as long as it's not my own) and this was absolutely jam-packed with hilarious, cringe-worthy, petty fights/arguments that had me drawn in start to finish. Such a fun read and I would 100% recommend reading Nikki's books, as I have previously read her 'Haunting Me' series and she never disappoints with her story-lines!

'Reuniting Reality' is available for purchase now.

Shelby xxx

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