Mix & Match With Guerlain Rouge

by - May 02, 2018

I found out about the Rouge G lipsticks from a recent vlog of Victoria's (Inthefrow). She explained how Guerlain was re-releasing their Rouge G lipsticks with 30 brand new shades, alongside 15 gorgeous cases.

I have to talk about the cases first, as they were pretty much the reason why I immediately went to run and get my bank card. The cases each have two built-in mirrors, allowing you to check out your lipstick application from different angles. It also has a slot at the bottom to slide your lipstick in to, so the lipstick and case are connected to carry around as one whole product. The perfect handbag accessory! It sort of makes you feel like you should be a female villain in a Bond movie, as when you remove the lipstick from the case, the mirrors automatically flip open. Picture yourself dressed in the most powerful power suit ever, ready to take on a fight. Before you're ready to whoop someone's ass, you remove the lipstick from the case, the mirrors whip open for you and your perfect application of Rouge G allows you to kick ass whilst you look great at the same time... We can wish!

 The lipstick is enriched in hyaluronic acid spheres, mango oil and jojoba oil - giving it a creamy and moisturised formula when applied. Each lipstick has an extremely shiny finish - which may be too much for some - but I love! The formula glides on your lips like a dream and the glossiness is going to be absolutely flawless for Summer 2018.

The lasting of the lipstick is also incredibly impressive. I wore my lipstick in No. 2 for a whole day and it sat securely on my lips, even surviving drinks and food I had consumed. Not all lipsticks can do that so 10/10 for Guerlain! I have also purchased the case 'Romantic Boheme', which I absolutely adore and I can not wait to purchase more cases and more lipsticks, so I can begin to mix & match for whatever I'm feeling on a particular day. The next lipstick I will purchasing is No. 3 (when it comes back in stock, boo!) and I can't wait to start picking out new cases... Like Victoria said in her vlog, it's like Pokemon all over again - where you've just gotta catch em' all!
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Have you tried out the new Rouge G lipstick collection? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let's talk Guerlain! 

Shelby xxx

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